God Will Find You

04 Oct
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Recently I had something terrible happen to me and I was mad at God.  So I decided not to go to church for a while.  My parents sensed that I needed a break from church so they invited me to go on a “road trip”.  They are new in town and wanted to explore southern California.  They love history so I thought it would be fun to go to the missions in Oceanside and San Juan Capistrano.

We had a lovely breakfast in Del Mar and then went to Mission San Luis Ray de Francia in Oceanside which is one of the largest missions in southern California.  It was a beautiful place and full of history and interesting facts about early California.  I was having a great time until I walked into the sanctuary of the mission.  I had forgotten that missions were also churches which is just where I did not want to be.  I spent a few moments in the sanctuary and tried to pretend that God was not there and then I went on to see the other historical artifacts at the mission.

We then went on to Mission San Juan Capistrano.  There is a lot to see there and the first thing you see is a sanctuary that is in ruins due to an earthquake that happened in the 1800s.  It was really interesting and I thought, “Oh good, there is no church here that I have to worry about”.  Well, I was wrong.  I went all around and looked at all the rooms and artifacts and the last place I ended up in was, you guessed it.  The new sanctuary that was put up later on after the earthquake.

I had to admit it did have a presence in it and I started to deal with my feelings about God.  In the Catholic faith they have many saints and I didn’t know much about them, but they had one statue of a saint off in a special room in the church and it was the saint that dealt with the very thing that I have been dealing with for a long time.  I stopped there for a while and offered a prayer that God would help me get through what I needed to and I stopped and looked at the candles there and although I did not light one, I understood what they meant.

All I can say to this is that God knew that I could not meet him in the usual place that I worship at and He found a way to find me in the mist of my pain and for that I am grateful.  May God meet you where you need Him also.

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One response to “God Will Find You

  1. terri0729

    October 25, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Evelyn, I thought that I would return your visit to my site 🙂 What a lovely story and message! You are absolutely right too, God will meet you anywhere – home, church, woods, jail, hospital bed, etc. For wherever you are, so is He!! We just have to take our eyes off of the ground (and ourselves) and look up to find Him. There was no insult intended toward your particular circumstances, that was just a general statement 🙂 Peace and blessings, Terri


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