Explore: Fear

18 Aug

I read this post today and I think it could be helpful to a lot of people. I do believe that faith is stronger than fear! Have a wonderful week!

Explore. Thank. Create.

What frightens you? I would guess that most people would respond with ‘the dark’ or ‘heights’ or the ever popular ‘insects’. All of these are valid responses (and I can personally relate to each of them) however to explore fear, I ask you to explore deeper fears you may have. Fears such as a fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear that you are inadequate or that you are powerful beyond measure; these are the types of fears I am referring to. These are the fears that I am continuously learning to tackle and conquer.

One of the fears I continue to explore within myself is my fear of being judged. Through this new blogging journey I am going to challenge myself to not write what I think people want to hear so they ‘judge me kindly’, but to really write in my (very unprofessional and unpolished) style because that’s who I am…

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