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Amazing Grace

Hi.  This week’s theme is “Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me”.  The scripture for this week is Mark 8:27-38.  I thought I would post a video of the song “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin.  I hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!


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I Say A Little Prayer For You...

Image by Christine ™ (Formerly with the red wall.) via Flickr

My fellow blogger Amseaman posted this to help us get our heads around the horrible tradgedy in Japan.  One of the things we can do is pray, not just say any prayer, but pray for specific things that people might have peace and be able to do the incredible task at hand. This advice in this post was originally written by Don Wright, who wrote, “Reaching Japaneese for Christ”
I hope this will help you as you try to find ways to help the people in Japan.

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Christ is Our Foundation

This Sunday the theme is “Christ is Our Foundation”, which is very appropriate for the second post of this blog.  Christ is our foundation and He taught us to care for others and help each other on our journey with God.  When we are going through tough times, we can be assured that God is with us and has our best interests at heart and if our burdens are too much to carry, God provides us a place (church) and people who can help us or at least give us a hug :).

The main scripture for this week is I Corinthians 3:10-11.  Paul discusses that God built a foundation and now we are building on it.  We need to be careful though because we can get distracted and forget that Christ is the foundation.  When we do that, we tend to rely on material things that in the long run will not be good for us so let’s keep our eyes focused on Christ and this will help us through all the times of our lives whether they be easy or difficult.

May God bless you as you continue on your journey with Him.


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