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Something I Read Lately

Great post by oneragamuffin! Great message for this Sunday!

Ragamuffingospelfan's Blog


I’ve prayed this prayer many times on many different occasions. Never once has God answered my prayer by changing my circumstances, i.e. making my life easier, taking away my difficulties, instantly transporting me to the other side of my trials. What He has done is reminded me ever so subtly that He will be with me as He always has during my dark road.

Peace isn’t always  a feeling of contentment. Sometimes, the butterflies remain but so does the promise that God won’t forsake me. For me, a feeling of peace doesn’t always mean peace, nor does a lack of it indicate its absence. Try and work that one out and see if it makes sense.

After all, it is a peace that is beyond my utmost understanding. I don’t need a god who I can figure out and manage and understand. I need a God who is bigger than…

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The Holy Spirit Amazes!

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Good morning!  I hope you are having a nice weekend and I am excited for 2 reasons.  One, our friend Bob DeGuevara is being baptized this morning so we are excited that he is making a commitment to follow Christ and that he is joining our community.  Second, today is Pentecost and that is the celebration of when the Holy Spirit gave the good news of Christ to everyone.  The Holy Spirit also gave all of us spiritual gifts at that time.  I want to encourage all of you to try and see what your gifts are and use them as best you can because this will make the world a better place!  Take 10 minutes a day to pray and think about what you can do to further the Community of Christ and also pray that others will find their purpose also.


God Bless!,


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Are you Thirsty?

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Here is a link to the Beatitudes Society’s Blog.  This is what they are about:

  • Advocate for justice, compassion and peace
  • Reclaim a Christianity that welcomes all people, especially those at the margins
  • Articulate a Christianity that dares to speak and act for our fragile planet and our most vulnerable citizens.

This weeks blog post from them is about the scripture from last weeks service about the Woman at the Well (John 4:5-41).  I thought this post had an interesting take on that scripture.  Let me know what you think.

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Lead by the Spirit

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This comming Sunday’s theme is “Lead by the Spirit”.  This comes from Matthew 4:1-11 where Jesus was lead to the wilderness to be tempted. Instead of being tempted, he remembered His Father and His commandments and stayed true to His calling on earth. 

Have you had times in your life when you were tempted or maybe you were just having a bad day and thought about not doing the right thing?  Here are some ideas to keep you out of trouble 🙂

If you are sad or depressed:  Call a friend or read the Psalms

If you are angry:  Read the bible and find out what God says about anger.  Think about what is making you angry and see if you can make it better.

If you are tired:  Take time to meditate and pray with God and rest with Him.

If you are happy:  Share that with someone and tell them what God has done for you.

What have you done to be lead by the spirit?  Leave a comment on the blog and let me know. I am sure others would enjoy your comments as well.

Have a good week!


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No need to worry!

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First of all, I have good news!  We have had 94 people see our blog since it opened 2 weeks ago!  Can I hear a Hooray?  Yeah!

Now for the topic of the day 🙂 I borrowed some of this blog post with permission from Anna Marie Davis a member of our congregation.  She is spoke today at our Clairemont congregation and her topic is based on Matthew 6:25-34.  It basically tells us that we do not need to worry about our situation, that God will provide for us.  I can tell you that is true as I have had financial worries lately and somehow it always seems to work out ok in the end.  Maybe I have had to give up a few things, but things are not as important as our relationship with God.

Anna Marie recently met a person who served some time in prison and has changed his life and has decided to follow God.  Anna Marie asked him if he was worried about his future since being in prison will affect whether he gets a job and many other parts of his life.  He said “no, because I know God will provide my needs”.  Anna Marie was impressed with this person because here is someone who has legitimate worries and yet he hands over his life to God.  I think we can learn a lot from this person.

Curt Sharon gave the sermon in El Cajon and he said something that caught my attention on this same topic.  He said “If we focus on God instead of our worries, our worries (or anxieties) will sometimes be taken care of when we serve God.”  It may not be the outcome we expected, but we will be better for it over time.

Is there anyone out there who would like to share how giving their worries or anxieties over to God has turned out for the better?

Have a good week!


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