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Something I Read Lately

Great post by oneragamuffin! Great message for this Sunday!

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I’ve prayed this prayer many times on many different occasions. Never once has God answered my prayer by changing my circumstances, i.e. making my life easier, taking away my difficulties, instantly transporting me to the other side of my trials. What He has done is reminded me ever so subtly that He will be with me as He always has during my dark road.

Peace isn’t always  a feeling of contentment. Sometimes, the butterflies remain but so does the promise that God won’t forsake me. For me, a feeling of peace doesn’t always mean peace, nor does a lack of it indicate its absence. Try and work that one out and see if it makes sense.

After all, it is a peace that is beyond my utmost understanding. I don’t need a god who I can figure out and manage and understand. I need a God who is bigger than…

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Does God Answer Prayer?

Last weeks Scripture was from Luke 18:1-8 and it talked about a widow who went to the town Judge and asked for help.  She asked him every day and finally he helped her just because she was bothering him.  Jesus says, if that judge helped her, imagine what God can do for you, who loves you very much. 

God does answer prayers and requests, much like the judge did, but He might have a different answer than you expect or he might say no, which might be an even better answer.  So, when you pray, pray consistently and listen to God who has your best interests at heart.

Here is a video by Rob Bell that explains this better than I could.


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Prayer for Peace


English: Prayer flags and an inscription "...

Prayer Flags

Thanks so much to the new people following my blog!  Tomorrow I will be giving the prayer for peace during the service and I wanted to post it here.  I believe it is a prayer that can be said for all of us!  May you have a wonderful week!

Divine Creator of all Being, we would like to offer a prayer for peace and in quiet reverence we humbly acknowledge our joyful gratitude for the life, intelligence, potential, agency, and worth of each other and all others.  Help us recognize and appreciate our commonalties as well as our diversity of beliefs, values, and achievements.

We have come together today with many concerns, burdens, hopes and dreams.  We ask that you surround us with your spirit as we seek to know you better and learn how to share that spirit with others.

May each one of us, whoever and wherever we may be, experience your in-dwelling Presence, guiding, comforting, sustaining, healing and enlarging our attitudes and actions.

Help each one of us understand how others feel, care, and need the love we have for them.

May we care enough to earnestly develop the will and skill for truly listening to each other so that we can bring healing and reconciliation to our congregation, communities and in all our relationships.

May we each and all incarnate hope, love, joy and peace in all our interactions so that Peace may become actuality today and tomorrow for all the peoples of our communities and the planet earth.  In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.


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Enjoy the Journey!

early morning surprise...

Image by amanky via Flickr

I had a great time with my friends at the Women’s Retreat last weekend.  We met together, worshiped and prayed together and helped each other with our struggles.  We also learned that life is a journey full of ups and downs, but we should enjoy every minute of it.  Sherry Kirkpatrick was a wonderful speaker and taught us so much about what is happening in the areas of Africa and India.  Her stories were so inspiring about how her organization and our church is helping people to have better lives in that part of the world.  Dede and Patti organized everything so well and everyone else who helped did such a wonderful job.  Also, the food was excellent!  I loved the cinnamon rolls!  The only problem we had was that Dede fell on the ice on Sunday and broke her wrist so keep her in your prayers please!  If you have not had a chance to go to women’s retreat, put in on your list of things to do for next year.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

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I Say A Little Prayer For You...

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My fellow blogger Amseaman posted this to help us get our heads around the horrible tradgedy in Japan.  One of the things we can do is pray, not just say any prayer, but pray for specific things that people might have peace and be able to do the incredible task at hand. This advice in this post was originally written by Don Wright, who wrote, “Reaching Japaneese for Christ”
I hope this will help you as you try to find ways to help the people in Japan.

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